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        • ABOUT

          ChinaWood is an actively managed entertainment fund for film/TV qualification, production & distribution oversight, financial administration and reporting.


          As Deal Architects our focus is to identify, pursue and fund "special situations" in luxury Entertainment IP.


          Chinawood's principals seek to remove barriers between ‘Hands-on Producers’ and ‘Film Financiers’ to create a true culture of partnership that protects investors.

          Chinawood provides a bridge between ‘Producers’ seeking timely Film Finance, and ‘Fund Managers’ requiring guarantees that mitigate investment risk and maximize profits.

        • TEAM


          Locally-deep, globally-connected.

          Chinawood has a deeply involved and experienced management team that includes strategic advisors from N. America, China, Europe and the Middle East.

          Chinawood's team of senior advisors include film industry executives from banking, finance, production and distribution. Signed NDA required for further details.

        • Contact Us

          If you have an exciting project we’d like to hear?from you.

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